Temple Of The Morning Star

by Today Is The Day

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Temple of the Morning Star indoctrinated tens of thousands of new members, strengthened the faith of the previously converted and was lavished with critical acclaim from the likes of Guitar, Thrasher, AP, Kerrang, Metal Hammer, Terrorizer and dozens more. Temple... was the most widely circulated TITD album, and over the span of a year it allowed the band to grow from an infamous fringe group to the wildly influential band of today. Temple of the Morning Star is an undisputed classic. Recorded and Mixed by Steve Austin.

“Temple Of The Morning Star” is experimental metal at it’s best” -Albert Mudrian (Decibel Magazine).

“If anger is a gift, the these guys are definitely blessed. This band doesn’t hold back” CMJ

#7 Metal Album of The Year Terrorizer Magazine



released September 23, 1997

Steve Austin: Gtr Vox Electronics
Chris Reeser: Bass and Electronics
Mike Hyde: Drums

Today Is The Day is booked by Tone Deaf Touring



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Today Is The Day Orland, Maine

Over two decades, TODAY IS THE DAY has toured the world with Motörhead, Helmet, The Melvins, Morbid Angel, Converge, Napalm Death, Neurosis, Eyehategod, Unsane, and many more. The current lineup consists of founder Steve Austin, drummer Jeff Lohrber and bassist Sean Conkling. ... more

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Track Name: Temple Of The Morning Star
I wake in cold sweat And there is no one Who cares This life No life
It's killing me I am slowly dying I can't be what you want me to be I am dead
Track Name: The Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself
I came out backwards My head's fucked up I need some violence I need real love Big man Wipe that slate clean My heart is racing As I'm thrown to the ground The earth was shaking When I came in her mouth
Track Name: Blind Spot
Shoot every fuckin' pig Aim right at its head They out number you But kill
as many Aay aay Yes Sir Try and stop me Eye for an eye You're just a
fool Fake me fake me poor little fool Gave you my love Stared at the moon No thank you Honesty has left me Honestly hasslin' me You're to blame
Track Name: High As The Sky
High as the sky I'm not your leper Thorn in my eye You think you're so
clever Idiot Can't you hear me I was so dumb To think that you cared I was
so dumb I wish you were dead I'm stained Hurting Try as I try Hope drives
me on Nothing works out It's a sweet ride mama
Track Name: Miracle
A hit below the knee Don't leave me here Dying Blood bath Spiritual
Physical Emotional Sexual Chemical Miracle I live below the sea Don't beat me down Trying
Track Name: Kill Yourself
I gotta leave this town before I die I wanna burn it down just for spite
There's nothing here But pain and my soul Why hold back Kill yourself Take the blade Do it clean Do it fast Let it bleed Like Christ I rise above I'm
pissin' down all my love I wanna be the one To end your life A blind
imbecile The Angel of life Mister
Track Name: Mankind
I'm fucking losing my mind Get the fuck off of me I know what you're trying to do Shut up I don't know what to say Got fucked Stepped on Let down Big frown Money Mankind
Track Name: Pinnacle
Watch me destroy you Get out of my path I fucked your wife Fucked her in
the ass She loved it She sucks me That's really funny Suck me You fucker
I hate you You're nothing Orgasmic Oh I'm coming Harder please harder
Fuck me Fuck me I called you My best friend The truth hurts The price you
pay Don't spit on me You don't know me My ass bleeds for you Sincerely
Track Name: Crutch
Don't lean on me Leave me be Stupid mother fucker You'll never see You
get where you're goin' by payin' your dues not playin' fools Best get schooled Ain't no sucker Mother fucker And you know that now I left you I don't hate you you're wearin' a frown Understand You gotta adjust I think you've learned by now I'm not your crutch
Track Name: Root Of All Evil
I feel ashamed Left out I feel no pain Held down You're life is over Up
on that fence You have been trained All signs of life have been drained
It's just not right Don't explain Triad
Track Name: Rabid Lassie
Rabid Lassie
Track Name: My Life With You
It's over Get the fuck out I don't need this shit I'm not the problem
You're not my friend I'm all out of money All you could spend My life with you You're makin me sick I can't hear that no more No one to talk to No one no more I'm leavin' today I won't be back I take what I want No slack I can't count on you Hopeless now you're gone and I'm sad and you're just a memory One that went bad I cannot hate you For what you ahve done I will just miss you And all of the fun Nothing is sacred
Track Name: Hermaphrodite
Stubborn mule Blackened whore Feed my ego baby More The devil's fuel A pleasant dance On your knees now baby Let's dance Oh my lord Bleed through me Watch me fall down Endlessly
Track Name: Temple Of The Morning Star
I wake in cold sweat And there's no one Who cares This life No life It's
killing me I am slowly dying I can't be What you want me to be I am dead