Live Till You Die

by Today Is The Day

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Today Is The Day, eclectic warriors of hate and frustration, offers their first live disc with "Live Till You Die." Combining the best elements of sludge, noise, and metal-core into one visceral package. Fierce loathing seeps from every pore of Today Is The Day as the band dredges up everything from the noisy chaos of "Crutch" to (gasp!) the damn-near beautiful acoustic ruminations of "Ripped Off." Today Is The Day let's loose with "The Color Of Psychic Power" and "High As The Sky" being premier examples of their sound. But everything isn't so serious. Cover songs recorded in the studio open the window, by showing a lighter, and humorous, side of the band. Bad Company's "Feel Like Makin' Love," Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game," and the Beatles' "Why Don't We Do It In The Road" all get a brutal treatment form Steve Austin and the boys. Performances by Brann Dailor-Drums and Bill Kelliher- Bass. Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Steve Austin. Performances by Brann Dailor and Bill Keliher.


released August 29, 2000

Steve Austin: Vox GTR Electronics
Brann Dailor: Drums
Bill Keliher: Bass

Today Is The Day is booked by Tone Deaf Touring



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Today Is The Day Orland, Maine

Over two decades, TODAY IS THE DAY has toured the world with Motörhead, Helmet, The Melvins, Morbid Angel, Converge, Napalm Death, Neurosis, Eyehategod, Unsane, and many more. The current lineup consists of founder Steve Austin, drummer Jeff Lohrber and bassist Sean Conkling. ... more

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Track Name: The Color of Psychic Power (Live)
I see right through
You can't trick me No way Reach so high
But too low
To give Speak the truth
Without fear
This is the way of power This is my vow
To live forever
I cannot fail
Time is the devil
And only love can heal this pain
No God above Is this insane
Fuck the world Tear it down
With me I can't make you see what you
Need to see It's inside Listen to me I will
Not fail This is my color Pain rules this
World Unknown
Track Name: Pinnacle (Live)
Watch me destroy you Get out of my path I fucked your wife Fucked her in
the ass She loved it She sucks me That's really funny Suck me You fucker
I hate you You're nothing Orgasmic Oh I'm coming Harder please harder
Fuck me Fuck me I called you My best friend The truth hurts The price you
pay Don't spit on me You don't know me My ass bleeds for you Sincerely
Track Name: Temple of The Morning Star (Live)
I wake in cold sweat And there is no one Who cares This life No life
It's killing me I am slowly dying I can't be what you want me to be I am dead
Track Name: Crutch (Live)
Don't lean on me Leave me be Stupid mother fucker You'll never see You
get where you're goin' by payin' your dues not playin' fools Best get schooled Ain't no sucker Mother fucker And you know that now I left you I don't hate you you're wearin' a frown Understand You gotta adjust I think you've learned by now I'm not your crutch
Track Name: High As The Sky (Live)
High as the sky I'm not your leper Thorn in my eye You think you're so
clever Idiot Can't you hear me I was so dumb To think that you cared I was
so dumb I wish you were dead I'm stained Hurting Try as I try Hope drives
me on Nothing works out It's a sweet ride mama
Track Name: In The Eyes Of God (Live)
Told you why Told you not to try
Don't you lie I am the enemy
I gave you what you want You
Live to piss on me I'm not afraid of you
Show your face my friend
All of the people are dying
No one's getting better
Your life is a lie A messiah
Will come My life is a lie Eclipse of
The sun Are you standin' Live
Black magic
Track Name: Blindspot (Live)
Shoot every fuckin' pig Aim right at its head They out number you But kill
as many Aay aay Yes Sir Try and stop me Eye for an eye You're just a
fool Fake me fake me poor little fool Gave you my love Stared at the moon No thank you Honesty has left me Honestly hasslin' me You're to blame
Track Name: Afterlife (Live)
It's fake I'm sure Afterlife
Slowly sinking I reach for
You But you're not sure
The sky is blue
Your hand in mine
We'll walk the stars Unashamed of who
We are We'll rule this world
With my big cock
Oh God I love you
I live to rock
What are you made of
What are you afraid of Pussy Get on
This hot fire Let me hear you scream
My good friend
Track Name: The Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself (Live)
I came out backwards My head's fucked up I need some violence I need real love Big man Wipe that slate clean My heart is racing As I'm thrown to the ground The earth was shaking When I came in her mouth