Kiss The Pig

by Today Is The Day

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Kiss the Pig takes the band's punishing, abrasive sound to its far opposite extreme. Easily the most hateful, destructive, and super-fast material TItD has ever composed, KISS THE PIG is a violent depiction of life in today's America. Real and uncensored, Kiss the Pig stares you right in the face, delivering agitated agro-metal filled with feelings and emotions so black, you'll want to die. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Steve Austin.


released June 29, 2004

Mike Rosswog: Drums
Chris Debari: Bass
Steve Austin: Gtr Vox Electronics

Today Is The Day is booked by Tone Deaf Touring



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Today Is The Day Orland, Maine

Over two decades, TODAY IS THE DAY has toured the world with Motörhead, Helmet, The Melvins, Morbid Angel, Converge, Napalm Death, Neurosis, Eyehategod, Unsane, and many more. The current lineup consists of founder Steve Austin, drummer Jeff Lohrber and bassist Sean Conkling. ... more

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Track Name: Why They Hate Us
This is how I load my gun .308 makes lots of fun. You can't touch what I have son. Higher than the highest star. Up above the world so high. Like a rocket in the sky. If it hollers let it go. We should kill you god says so. Never ending can't stop spending cash. Stop pretending it's not ending fast. Pain is just the thing you need. I know whats good for you. The truths not true I said its true. Shot right between the open eyes. Shot in the face. Working with no pay death is on the rise. I don't wanna work. I don't wanna give. I just need to fuck. Faster and faster and over and over and faster and faster. How longs it take for you to get the deal? My heart it brakes its you that steals the deal. Victims on the left. Quitters on the right. Losers all around. Driven by belief. Shoot you in a tree. Your brains on the ground. Hotter than the sun. Blacker than the night. Lions all around. Captive captive captive captive captive captive. Mankind races tow ards annihilation rising above the unholy sky. When the smoke clears no one will be standing.
Track Name: Kiss The Pig
Lights that blind. This is the shit I'm in. Can not find. This is the shit I'm in. Peace of mind. This is the shit I'm in. I hate people. I hate travel. I hate you. I fuck you. I could be high you could be low. I could be high you should be low but your not. Whoa yeah. No reason. Lights that blind. This is the shit Im in. Can not find. This is the shit I'm in. Peace of mind. This is the shit I'm in. I hate people. I hate travel. I hate you. I fuck you. This is the shit I'm in.
Track Name: Mother's Ruin
This selfless life I live is all I have to give. Risen. Say it's true. Prison. Say it's true. Never. Say it's true. River. Say it's true. Made of steel taught to be a cold machine. I can't feel ought to be a cold machine. This is the end it's beyond.
Track Name: This Machine Kills Fascists
Rape my country again. Over and over and over again. NO. I got a hand. I can use it. You could be the one. Runnin from my gun. Runnin from the bad man. Runnin from the gun man. Running with your life at stake. Taken. Broken. Homeless. Heartless. I'm not afraid. I got my guns. Now you're the one. Runnin from my guns. Runnin from the bad man. Runnin from the gun man. Runnin now your lifes at stake. Hows it feel to be my target? I won't miss. I totally promise. When you shoot at me don't be afraid. Justice will be done. Victory will be won. Life will be good again. Wipe away the blood. Shake away the pain. Live your fucking life. Thats a good philosophy. Get yourself a brain. Break the fucking chain. Put the knife away. Be an honest man again. Mean what you say. Say what you mean. Try some self respect my freind. Paint that black word. Tear down that church. Look within. Try to find. Fly away. Heart and mind. Look so deep. Deep inside. Fade away. Hear t and mind. Cross the sea. Far away. Cast the spell this I say. Count on me. I'm your glock. Rack the slide. Gonna rock. Better watch what you say. Better watch what you do. Better learn how to live. Get ready to move. Can you change brand new name in a rage violent race.
Track Name: Outland
Its time I made myself a plan
with this fist stone heart in hand
my blade my eye die empty man
it's you it's you not me you see
black crow false bird die fly in shame
uphold the truth don't die in vain
my sword your lord I score your dead
bleed bleed bleed stop breathing
goodbye don't cry my hatred
inside it's time to fly nowhere
it's time to live the truth or die
Track Name: Don't Tread On Hope
Goddamn your a fucking imbecile so dumb you can't get it right I don't know oughta be your middle name get it right I hate you just because I want to I don't care if you bleed or die I'm so scared look at whos crown you wear dead for sure sigs my .45 pain listen to me don't tell me more afraid fucking betrayed I'm not your whore insande I'll show you insane I'll settle the score in blood all of it yours I am reborn across the sands of time I won't be looking back I'll ride until I fall I know which way is home the road to your ruin don't tread on hope fire that cannon every man standing the bombs are landing destroy this planet grab your knife make it right use your gun it's time for fun do what I say please don't ask why learn to betray please just don't cry you're the sucker hopeless fucker can't be saved by your mother little short man closet homo pissed his pants mommy said so got no dick got no brain I'll see you live my pain
Track Name: Sympathy Junky
Can you feel it hit so hard it hurts and hurts so bad it hurts the pain you see it kills it kills I can't take it I am achin I can't hear you I aint fakin I need help please don't leave me don't deceive me just be near me I can't fix me one more day one more time
Track Name: Platinum Pussy
It snowed and I felt really cold so bitterly cold I sold my soul I sell my soul wish you could cure me and send me far away a hopeless journey the dead cast away I'm dancing on the lawn I'm standing on the moon I'm hanging by the claw I hate to see you lose the laughter kills the air the ladder climbs the stairs I wander where you are I wonder where you are can't you hear me I'm calling you can't see clearly I'm falling through I need someone to take me away so far away so far away so far away let it go right at dawn I'll hit you again ten times as hard I missed you my freind saddle up ride em high saddle up shoot him in the eye saddle up ride em high set him up shoot you in the eye you're so vain inhuman as fuck you have no name just stupid fuck you should die you could be dead I'll finish singing this and take your head not a word not a sound you can't hide under ground blackest sea book of death cast the stone you'll be dead fist of gold fist of fire speak these words feed the fire say these words feel the fire hand in hand be the fire love saves you stake your claim the game is ending you can't keep your word you can't keep your word you can't keep your word I can't reject I can't return you just can't respect you I do not want to burn say it live it live your life with courage sometimes even you can be yourself some of the time
Track Name: Train Train
If I say I will be true you know I will can't you just be real with me just like you make me wanna be what I am gonna find a piece of mind waste of time like me why can't I find the time to give you no way you will wait your turn and smile a lot I said you fuck when I've found I've been so blind I can't be kind to you my love by myself
Track Name: Birthright
A story of courage and love. In the ocean I will wait. Drowned soul no man. I wll fight for whats mine. In my sights I can deal with you. I can't look back. I can't look down. I can't look up. My swords thrown down. Take your bad breath take your bad jokes leave here so fast so fast you choke can't be true can't be wise can't be great hypnotized I have won you have lost burning faith feel the cross and it stays with you and it burns in you acid burns for you you can bleed on me please just shit on me while your fucking me can't get rid of steve makes me puke makes me die hurts so bad I wanna die I return to earth to take my throne to take my name back as your lord I say what way you live until I say so rain rain down above crash down so hard can't feel the downpour I an empty man an empty plan I feel so desperate when the time has come for me to leave I'll make my way home last the time has come to lead this world to take what I've won in the time it takes for me to say that I can't stand you you'll regret your birth and what I've done to your family inside this molten man this hollow earth that I came from shun what you've learned remember where you came from bind your heart and mind use your hand not your fist man strength real goddamn strength comes from love not hate man free I am free I'm gonna live the way I want to I will not stand and be taken can't you hear what I say I came to town and sold you a slave but you could care less the kindness I've shown you could bear less and let the truth be shown I don't wanna worry but I'm worried about today I don't wanna hurry but its you that acts ashamed every fucking dollar that I really fucking need working like a robot can't afford to even bleed in the heart of silence the peace can't be restored in the eye of violence the children that I mourn train the act of violence its you that should be warned I prey an act of violence its you that I reward and now I play the vi olin to soothe the open sore it sounds so clear and pure I think I'm gonna cum you know I think your mean I think you're fucking scum you're gonna take a fall a really heavy fall lazy your a dog not a man not an ant can't be had I'm so glad wish you were me not alone truth has been restored and here I stand my dead nightmare faith has been adorned as a vest that will end this power true raw power has a price I won't hurt you twice the achs and pains in my back that I live through fly fly far away don't look back don't come home go go far away where I said that I would find you cuts through bullshit weed em right out stress him he can take it deny yourself the blame don't be the game that they are playing